Hybrid 59

Hybrid 59 has a dual purpose, looks and performance. Equipped with monofilament yarn giving the turf a lush look, and a slit-filament yarn creating a strong blade pull. This turf requires minimal infill migration, keeping maintenanace low.

Product Warranty


Approximate Total Weight: 79 oz.

Approximate Pile Height: 2.0 in.

Backing: Polyurethane

Fiber: Monofilament / Slit-filament

Infill: 2 Pounds Sand / 2 Pounds Rubber

Warranty: 8 Years

Roll Size: 15 ft. x 183 ft.

Blade Type: V Shape

Product Testing
Test Method Description Result
ASTM D5848 Total Product Weight 91.10 oz/yd²
ASTM D5848 Pile Yarn Weight 60.41 oz/yd²
ASTM D5848 Primary Backing Weight 8.01 oz/yd²
ASTM D5848 Secondary Backing Weight 22.68 oz/yd²
ASTM D5793 Stitch Count & Gauge 3.66 Stiches per inch | 1/2” Gauge
ASTM D1335 Average Tuft Bind Strength 13.5 lbs/force
ASTM D5034 Average Grab Tear-Length, MD 278 lbs/force
ASTM D5034 Average Grab Tear-Width, CMD 258 lbs/force
ASTM D2859 Pill Flammability 8 out of 8 Pass: Meets 16CFR 1630
ASTM F355-16e Gmax Gmax 138 / HIC 433
EN 12616 Permeability, Infiltrometer 57.0 inches / hr
ASTM D3218 Average Yarn Filament Thickness Mono 309 microns | 101 microns
ASTM D2256 Avg. Yarn Breaking Strength, Elongation Mono 21.4 lbs / force | Slit 14.9 lbs / force
ASTM D1907 Yarn Denier Mono 10950 | Slit 4789


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